Why call Cubbage Electric for all your residential and commercial electric repair needs Knox County Ohio?

Why call Cubbage Electric

Cubbage Electric LLC is a family owned American company based in Knox County, Ohio since 2002 and operates out of the Mount Vernon area. Cubbage Electric provides a wide variety of electrical services to residential, commercial and agricultural facilities.

This experience assures that our customers are getting top quality work when you give us a call. Give us a call and we will show you why we have been rated as “Top Rated” by Homeadvisor as well as awarded as “Best of” by Homeadvisor for 2018.

When it comes to residential services, we can do the full range of electrical services for the customer. This includes but is not limited to inspections of the house for electrical issues, panel upgrades, wiring of new build houses, electrical repairs and renovation projects.

If you have major renovation project, we have experience in determining what is necessary electrical wise in completing the project and estimations of cost. These renovation project include but are not limited to adding or moving wiring for additional appliances or setting up lighting and electrical for decks.

Cubbage Electric, LLC, can help you and your family get prepared for severe weather by installing and servicing a generator for you. Everyone at some point of time has experienced a loss of power. The loss of power can cause at best spoliation of food at worst death for the elderly because of lack of power air conditioning and other medical devices. A generator properly installed by Cubbage Electric can prevent all of this.

We have experience in installing several different types of generators including those made by Generac Power Systems. In addition to installing generators, we also install automatic transfer switches. Automatic transfer switches detect significant decreases in power and when necessary will turn on the generator.

For commercial services we can help determine what your power requirements are and install the proper equipment to meet both your requirements and insure your in full compliance with state regulatory standards. We are also able to follow even the toughest construction schedule and guidelines established by the contractor and regulation.

As a commercial electrician we are capable of wiring instruments that control the power, lighting, and air conditioning units in buildings in a cost-effective manner.

We also have experience in doing electrical work in agricultural settings and the unique code and safety requirements. This includes the pole building where the farm receives its power from the electrical cooperative or other outside source.

Because of the size of some farm equipment the placement of electrical wiring and equipment has to be different then other types of jobs and Cubbage Electric knows of these issues and can help bring power to your farm equipment and at the same time help assure the use of farm equipment will not be compromised by electrical equipment.

Cubbage Electric is a proud sponsor of the Central Ohio Agronomy School.