Why call Cubbage Electric if your homes fuse box needs replaced in Mount Vernon, Ohio?

Every home using electricity has a fuse box designed to control the movement of electricity into a property. For most homeowners, the fuse box is only an issue when a fuse trips and power is lost. The fuse box in a property should be inspected and maintained by a qualified electrical contractor to make sure it is safe for use. A home fuse box can become unsafe when it has been in use for several years, and its capacity does not match the electric current passing through it.

How to know if a home fuse box is unsafe

The first thing to consider is what kind of fuse box is serving a property. If the fuse box in a home uses porcelain with fuse wires the equipment being used needs replacing. An unsafe fuse box is a fire hazard that has the ability to spark house fires in any home. Working with a qualified professional to identify an outdated fuse box is the best way of handling this type of hazard.

If the fuse box in a home is a modern design with circuit breakers, they can struggle to cope with the demands placed on them. The simplest way of knowing if a fuse box is dangerous is when they overheat and trip the breakers regularly. A homeowner will quickly become aware of their outdated fuse box when a new appliance is installed. The appliances that lead to homeowners identifying problems with their fuse box include pool pumps and air conditioning units. By identifying the installation of a new appliance coincided with the consistent loss of power, a homeowner can contact an electrical contractor to address the fuse box problems.

How is a fuse box upgraded?

A professional contractor will begin the process of upgrading a fuse box by inspecting the current hardware and wiring. The inspection is vital to understanding how to move forward safely with the fuse box upgrade. If the home is more than 25 years old and has not had an electrical upgrade, the contractor will want to install upgraded wiring and a new fuse box. The installation of a fuse box takes one day to complete if there are no problems. The latest electrical equipment can keep a home safe from electrical fires that can prove devastating for a homeowner.