What To Look for When Hiring an Electrician to Replace Your Homes Electric Panel in Licking County, Ohio

An electric panel, the central unit, and brain of every home’s electrical system won’t last forever. As it centralizes and enhances the efficiency of the electrical system, it will wear out and lose its adeptness over time. When upgrading a home’s electrical panel in Licking County, Ohio, homeowners must know the following things before trusting an electrician.

Electrician Qualifications

There are two categories of professional electricians who officially operate under a valid state license in Licking County, Ohio. A master electrician has successfully taken and passed a standardized test and has served the area for over two years. These electricians have mastered the National Electrical Code and other state regulations required when upgrading household electric panels. They’re legally authorized to plan, design, and install virtually all types of electric panels.

The second category is the journeyman electrician. These electricians have state licensing but haven’t passed the standardized test. Journeyman electricians are legally authorized to install electrical equipment and wiring, but they can’t design systems.

Past Work Excellence

Installing electric panels isn’t the same as the average wiring and electrical equipment repairs. These systems house bus bars, main breakers, and circuit breakers, complex components that work closely to optimize power flow efficiency and minimize possible hazards. Installing these components as per the state codes and to the manufacturer’s accuracy specs can be challenging to inexperienced electricians. Every electrician will have completed a range of projects that share similarities to the one at hand. Before trusting any electrician, homeowners should check how best the electric panels the electrician installed previously perform.

Insurance and Warranties

One of the riskiest electrical projects to handle is installing an electric panel. Ask every straightforward electrician, and they will confirm this. Installing electric panels expose electricians to the risk of electrocution and many other work-related accidents. Some of the accidents could be vital, leaving the electrician injured and the home damaged. This is the exact reason homeowners upgrading their electric panel should look for insured electricians that offer warranted services. Insurance protects the electrician and their clients, while the warranty acts as security if the electrician does a shoddy job.

Reputation and Experience

The electric panel is the central control unit of every home’s electrical system. Considering the vitality of this electrical component, homeowners want the electrical panel installed professionally following state codes. It’s not a project homeowners can trust to any electrician they come across while searching the internet or asking for referrals. The electrician’s reputation cannot be ignored, and that’s why thorough research and comparison will go a long way to enable homeowners to choose a pro electrician with a solid track record. For an electrical contractor to have served clients for years while maintaining a good name means they can be trusted.

When upgrading their homes’ electric panels in Licking County, Ohio, homeowners need to be sure they are hiring a credible electrician. The tips mentioned above will lead every homeowner to select a trusted and well-equipped electrician with experience handling different electric panel installation projects.